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Bill White

Hi, Brian. I didn't mean that having the correct spelling of the word would cause the synthesizer to pronounce the word correctly. What I meant is that having the correct spelling of the word could clarify what the word is when the synthesizer mispronounces the word. Your example proves my point. If you go over the word, letter by letter, and see cups, it will clarify that the word in context isn't Cuban Pesos.


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On Thu, Apr 7, 2022 at 06:05 PM, Bill White wrote:

having the spelling of a word or name won't guarantee that you will get the correct pronunciation correctly

That's for sure.  Even for simple words, like, "cup," you can get some interesting results.

I remember working on a recipe card where, when you put in 2 cups flour, you got, "two Cuban pesos flour."  However, just changing the 'c' on "cup" to a capital made the synth say "cup."

The mysteries of how and when certain pronunciation choices get made, and when certain things are interpreted as abbreviations versus words, are deep.

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