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Usually, Marty, if you look at the spelling of people's names, you can figure out that JAWS is mispronouncing the name. Usually I look at the spelling of names, even when I know JAWS is not mispronouncing them, because, names may be spelled differently, and I don't want to type someone's name incorrectly. For example, Chris may be spelled with a ch, a K, or even just with a C.


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Have you ever been embarrassed by mispronouncing someone's name, because you said it the way JAWS said it and it was dreadfully wrong?  I have and it's not fun.  I just blame it on JAWS and laugh it off most of the time.

On 4/7/2022 9:54 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Thu, Apr 7, 2022 at 07:04 AM, Steve Nutt wrote:

But remember, it's not the screen reader that initially pronounces the word
wrong, it's the synthesiser.

Sometimes, if you change synth, you will get a correct pronunciation.


But no matter what, you're fiddling with something, and you can be almost certain that what gets fixed in one Synth gets screwed up in another, so you may be rolling the dice as far as what was being pronounced correctly now no longer being so.

That's one of the things I like about NVDA dictionary handling.  Having a dictionary that is applied no matter the synth (default dictionary), versus to a given synth (voice dictionary), versus temporary for playing around before assigning something permanently to one of the other two or for really transient one-time use.

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