moderated Re: An anoying letter that comes up in the address bar of Google chrome browser.

Mike Pietruk


you raise a good point. Out of curiosity, I brought up the last version
of Window-Eyes, We9.54, which does exactly the same thing -- which, of
course, was released a good number of years ago.
Guess what, it does the same thing.
So, I doubt that this is a true JFW bug but perhaps one of interaction
with another program, in this instance, Chrome.
Once again, it's a nusiance which confuses; but, if the JAWS user knows
what is going on, it should be a non-issue.
For the casual or beginner JAWS user, of course, this is going to be
totally confusing.

I am guessing that if this were an easy fix, it would long ago have been
taken care of.

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