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Checkout the freedom scientific tutorials page for more info.

Tip: once opening the teams, press windows up arrow once to maximize the screen.

Use the shortcuts ctrl1, 2, 3, 4 and so on to navigate between the feeds, chats, callender, calls and so on.

Hope it helps!


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I am finding the same thing.  People are using the chat feature as if it were e-mail.  Sometimes, I am able to read a thread, sometimes not.  I am sure I must be doing something wrong.  I am coming from a Mac environment, and am figuring things out as I go along.  While there is an ATp associated with the organization, she readily admits that she does not use JAWS.

I have figured out how to create, reply to and forward e-mails, etc., join a meeting in Teams, if I can find the link, and I remember how to navigate some web pages, based on my knowledge of JAWS from many years ago.

But, Teams is truly a mystery!







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Subject: Microsoft Teams and Jaws


Hi people,

Have just started a new work role where I am using Microsoft Teams on a laptop using Jaws22. It seems a bit clunky and I am having trouble finding things and engaging with the chat facility which seems to be used as an organisational equivalent of email. Anyway, just wondered if anyone knows of any resources out there which can be used as a training toolkit.


With thanks




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