moderated Re: JAWS-Accessible Program to Merge MP4 Files.

Steve Nutt

Hi Debbie,


You can do this with Windows, without needing a program to do it.


First, make sure your files are in numeric order, File01.mp4, file02.mp4, etc. Put the 0 before the first digit, otherwise it will sort 10 before 1.


Next, open a command prompt and type something like: “copy file*.mp4 bigfile.mp4”.


That should make you a big .MP4 file containing all your files that begin with the word File and have a number after them, in order. The file will of course, be called bigfile.mp4, but substitute the names for whatever you want.


All the best



From: <> On Behalf Of Debbie April Yuille
Sent: 02 April 2022 14:33
Subject: JAWS-Accessible Program to Merge MP4 Files.


Hi all

Does anyone know of an accessible program to merge MP4 files?

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