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JM Casey

Well, no, malware is potentially dangerous...
Though I'm not sure if meow was asking about that, or something else, like
the Malwarebytes programme...which seems very reliable and has saved my butt
a few times.
They also have pretty extensive presence on the web so I think if they were
doing underhand things they would probably be called out more.
But you all should use whatever software you see fit.

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s conspiracy talk; we're all sick and tired of that.
Pat ByrneAt 03:40 PM 3/30/2022, you wrote:
is Malware danger? that I heard they are stealing information out of
your computer

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I use mrt. it's a Microsoft malware program. Press Windows key + r
(run) and type "mrt".
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Hello Listers

Having a problem with my computer after being scammed by a fake
security E-mail from my internet provider. Before calling their tech
support, I wish to check there no apparent viruses, trojans or other
malicious stuff in my system now.

Haven't used Malware Bytes for a while and on downloading it have
found it very user unfriendly for screen readers.

What substitutes have you found user friendly to screen readers?

Thanks, in advance!

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