moderated Re: Malware Bytes substitute program

Ann Byrne


At 05:30 PM 3/29/2022, you wrote:
Is MRT accessible?

Maria Campbell

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On 3/29/2022 5:50 PM, Ann Byrne wrote:
I use mrt. it's a Microsoft malware program. Press Windows key + r (run) and type "mrt".
At 02:47 PM 3/29/2022, you wrote:
Hello Listers

Having a problem with my computer after being scammed by a fake security E-mail from my internet provider. Before calling their tech support, I wish to check there no apparent viruses, trojans or other malicious stuff in my system now.

Haven't used Malware Bytes for a while and on downloading it have found it very user unfriendly for screen readers.

What substitutes have you found user friendly to screen readers?

Thanks, in advance!

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