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Rick Mladek


2022 version working again. 2019 version, when I tab from the desktop, elequence begins. When I hit insert +control +s, it gives me schemes and it is highlighted on classic. Nothing within the 23 options is voice profile or triple-talk. Am I to click on any one of these within the options to find the voice profile?

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Hi Rick,

as soon as you hear eloquence talking, press JAWSKey+1 on the number row, then press control+JAWSKey+s.

What do you hear?

Now, press JAWSKey+1 again.

JAWSKey+1 will activate keyboard help, and a second press will
deactivate it again.

JAWSKey usually means using your Insert key or Capslock, depending on
what keyboard layout you've chosen.

Also, what computer model are we talking about?

Is it a desktop or some kind of laptop with media keys?

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