moderated Re: homes and environments with more than one JAWS users: Switching JAWS user settings

Udo Egner-Walter

Hi Mark, 

the JAWS settings are saved in *.jcf files where * should be the name of the application in which you made your settings, for example Notepad.jcf should have the notepad settings. Default.jcf is the file for settings which should be used in general. If you your knowledge involves scripting languages like VBScript or you can write Batch files and similar, you can copy those *.jcf files first to a folder of your choice and the other user settings to another folder of your choice. Via the batch script you can copy those files back into the user settings folder depending on which user wants her/his settings. 

Theoretical one could make settings using JAWS script as well. The only problem is to find out which variable in the scripting language stands for the setting. 

By the way not all settings are stored in a *.jcf file (jcf = JAWS Config File). There are the settings that differ from standard settings. 

Hope this helps

Am 29.03.2022 um 03:53 schrieb Mark <mweiler@...>:

As mentioned, I'm not looking to create separate window user accounts. The scenario I presented is more akin to one family member sitting down to help another family member out and adjusting the JAWS settings for their comfort, after which the first family member switches the settings back for their comfort. It sounds like the only option is the import and export settings feature. I've never done that before. Do you think it is good for this sort of quick settings changes? That would include things like dictionary changes, voice profile changes, speech and sound scheme changes, etc.   

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