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Udo Egner-Walter

Hi Mark, 

I think scripting an app depends on a lot of things. The first aspect is in which framework the app is made, for example is it made the old style in which every control have its handle, or is it a modern UWP app in which you can use UIA, or is it a web app in which you can use Freedom's 

Most of the apps today using UIA so I run a script listing all the UIA controls with properties. I have a first glance at the properties so I can write scripts to focus controls which are difficult to focus or not in the tab order. I will have a look at the tab order to find out if there are controls unreachable. 

And yes, there are applications out there which are difficult or sometimes impossible to script. An example of an app difficult to script was the Audible app from Microsoft Store (which is removed from the store). Normally it's easy to script the UWP apps from Microsoft store, at least they should. The problem here is that some developers don't name their controls or forget to name some UIA properties like AutomationID. In Audible's case there weren't enough properties filled with clear names so one couldn't focus them. I tried to go round this issue by counting the controls so I could make a script like "go to the 6th control after the control with AutomationID named xyz". 

Web apps are great to script since Google Chrome and Edge Chromium have the opportunity to use UIA and Freedom's domain specific scripting API. 

In the JAWS scripting list you asked if there were apps that don't need scripting: 

It depends on the expectations you have. Some users are happy if the can tab around the app, fill edits or press buttons. Other users want to do this quickly and need some more keystrokes to focus controls. Some people need to know the time display in a media player. others don't care about this. If I have an app without scripts I usually find some issues I want to script to be more effective. 

You can say the more complex an application is the more it need additional scripting. An app like Microsoft Word or a browser needs scripting as well to do the things efficient. 

I hope this answers your questions, let me know if you have more questions. 

Have a nice weekand

Am 25.03.2022 um 02:52 schrieb Mark <mweiler@...>:

I was wondering if JAWS script writers could describe what they do? That's a bit vague.  Are you given an application that isn't very accessible, and then somehow have to figure out how to make it better? Are you given tasks that a user wants to complete and then figure out how to make just those tasks accessible?  Are some applications hopeless or can a script do anything? If you have an example, as a case study, that might help explain what's involved.

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