moderated Re: Key strokes for Zoom

Ann Byrne


1. Press insert+spacebar; JAWS will make a click sound.
2. Press the letter v. This opens a volume dialog.
3. To change the JAWS volume, press the letter j and up arrow for louder and down arrow for softer.
4. To change the zoom volume, after v press s for system; then up arrow for louder or down arrow for softer.At 01:30 PM 3/25/2022, you wrote:
5. When the volume is where you want it, press enter.

If you are running JAWS2022 with a stereo headset, you can have JAWS in one ear and zoom in the other.

1. Press insert+spacebar.
Press the letter v.
3. Press the letter b.
4. right arrow to hear zoom in the right ear or left arrow to hear it in the left. Zoom will be in the other ear.2.

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