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Rick Mladek


This is happening when not in any specific application. Only when I go to desktop then tab down to other choices, as file explorer. I stated file manager incorrectly previusly. Nevertheless, this is happening with two different versions of Jaws, 2019 and 2022. Once within any specific app, it reverts back to the default synthesizer. When I tab down from the desktop, it goes to elequence. I know this was not doing this previously. Any suggestions?

Thank you,


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Hello Rick:

Get into the application where the wrong synthesizer becomes active. Press Control, JAWS Key and s. Arrow up and down to pick the synthesizer you want. Tab once and you will be in another field. This has another list of synthesizers, but the topmost entry is "use default". Select that, then hit OK.


Curtis Chong

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Subject: voice changing

Hi all,

I jump back between JFW 2019 and 2022 due to whatever problems one resolves over the other.

Within either version, when I hit the windows key +m key, to go to the desktop, I then hit the alt key down to file manager, for example. The voice then changes to elequence from my default use of an external voice syn. Any ideas to what setting I need to correct so the same voice or scheme is used no matter where I am within the operating system, Windows 10, FYI. I look forward to all help.


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