moderated Re: JAWS reporting colors

Udo Egner-Walter

Hi Ann,

I made a JAWS script to announce the foreground and background color as well as the font name if available. The script don't uses the old OSM method JAWS does but instead uses the newest interface UIA. It's reliable in the most apps using UIA and at the moment I try to add more code to expand the script to speak colors in Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel and so on. If the script is ready I can provide you a download link with instructions to install the script, if you or other list members want me to. Just let me know.

All the best

Am 22.03.2022 um 17:30 schrieb Ann Byrne <annakb@...>:

In Word 2016 and PowerPoint 2016, JAWS reports the color of text as 'default on default'. When I try to change the color, JAWS continues to report "default on default". My student with some vision reported that the background color had changed correctly to blue, but JAWS continued to report "default on default". Is anyone else seeing this, or are we just lucky???


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