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David Goldfield

Because of some accessibility challenges I’ve encountered in later versions of TeamViewer I am very grateful to Brian Hartgen for releasing these scripts. This will be very helpful for users of the AIRA service who use AIRA to remotely access their computer using TeamViewer.



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TeamViewer Scripts for JAWS

Submitted by brianhartgen on Thu, 03/24/2022 - 10:06

You will find below a link to free JAWS scripts for TeamViewer version 15.

As of later releases of TeamViewer, it is difficult to find your User ID and password. Once located, pressing the Left and Right arrow keys do not allow you to read the item character by character. With these scripts installed, pressing function key F1 will place the user ID and password into the JAWS virtual viewer for easier reading.

When focused on any field, you should also now be able to press the JAWS keystroke to virtualise the focused control, Shift+Insert+V.

These scripts are offered freely to the blindness community and were developed for personal use. No support is available.

"Download TeamViewer Scripts.

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