moderated Re: changing the default web browser

David Kingsbury

Hi all,

I agree with the criticism of the MS choice to make changing default browsers more complicated in Windows 11. Some of us are cynical enough to suspect that MS is up to the same old tricks that got them hauled into court 20 years ago for killing Netscape. In any event, until they hopefully changed it back to the Windows 10 way, here’s an excerpt from my book on how to do it:

Using web browsers as an example, here are the steps for changing programs with Windows 11.

1.     Press the Windows Key to land in the search box.

2.     Type the first few letters of “Default app settings system settings.” When you hear these words, press Enter.

3.     Tab several times to the Set default applications list box.

4.     Down arrow to the browser you want for your default. You must Down arrow. First-letter navigation does not work in this list. Press the Spacebar on your choice to select it.

5.     Down arrow to HTTP, and Edge will be identified as the current default if this is the first time you are changing it.

6.     Press the Spacebar which opens a pop-up. Tab to your new choice and press the Spacebar to change the default browser for this.

7.     Tab to Set default file types or link types.

8.     Down arrow to HTTPS and repeat the above step.

9.     Also repeat the above steps for.htm,.html, and any other web-related file types you use.


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