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Rick Mladek

Hello all,


Within MS programs as ExCel, Word and Outlook, I have this problem, mostly with Excell not reading what I put in the cell. With Browsers as Firefox, the current jaws version is troubled with such as the find command and whatever is put into an edit field. With version 2019, these problems do not trouble me. I simply have to switch back/forth when these issues arise. I am using windows 10 and all is up-to-date for those that may need this information.




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Subject: Re: Jaws not reading text as I type in edit fields in Edge


Hi Brian,


I have the same problem with Edge, but I’m using Jaws 19 so maybe that’s why.


I get around that by pressing the Jaws key with tab which reads the contents of the edit field.





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Hi Brian,


My guess would be old accounting software, that’s usually what trips businesses up, because it costs a fortune to upgrade them.


I now use Quickbooks Online, so I don’t have to install any software, just me and the ol’ browser.


All the best




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Subject: Re: Jaws not reading text as I type in edit fields in Edge


On Fri, Mar 4, 2022 at 12:04 PM, Curtis Chong wrote:

If you are using JAWS 18, you are not keeping up with the most current browsing technology.

Not that I don't agree with you, but the original poster has clearly stated, "Unfortunately, this is on a work machine. We have a couple of programs that only work with Jaws 18, so upgrading for now is out of the question."

Sadly, these sorts of situations are all too common.  If individuals or businesses don't have a commitment to keeping up-to-date on everything, being not-up-to-date on one thing often forces other things to have to be kept, too.

There's nothing personal about the original poster in this observation, but what on earth is this business using that will only work with JAWS 18 that won't work with the later versions?  I don't doubt what's been said, but that's a huge red flag right there.  So is the comment that Internet Explorer is still being used.  It will soon be entirely gone from Windows 10 and 11, and if they're not even running Windows 10 then it's not a red flag but a house afire!

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