Moderated Re: Excel very sluggish

Terrie Terlau

Hi Don,

I am not an Excel expert, so my comment may be irrelevant.  But I had an experience once with Excel being very sluggish working with a large Excel Sheet at work. There was a slight error in a formula that made the formula try to calculate results for lots of cells,  slowing down the response speed. When I corrected the formula, the sluggishness stopped. So you might want to check formulae if you have any in your sheet.

Good luck,

Terrie Terlau


From: <> On Behalf Of Don Mauck
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2022 2:36 PM
Subject: Excel very sluggish


I’m experiencing very, very sluggish behavior using

Microsoft Excel Subscription Version 16.0.14326.20784 and JAWS Professional EditionVersion 2022.2202.38 ILM.

This happens even just moving from cell to cell and gets worse when editing or spell checking. 

I’ve tried closing Excel, JAWS restarts and a system restart but the problem keeps happening. I thought I saw posts earlier from others on this list so hoping from some suggestions. I will discuss with Vispero support as well.

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