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Each day, a new puzzle is put out with a 5-letter word you need to figure out.


Enter any valid 5-letter word and press the enter key.  Then you will hear “correct”, “present”, or “absent” spoken before each letter you entered.  Correct means that the letter exists in the puzzle and is in the right place.  Present means that the letter you chose is in the puzzle, but not in the position you guessed.  Absent means the letter is not in the puzzle at all.


You get six times to guess the word before you lose.




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I didn’t know this existed.  Great.  Now can you explain to me how this game works? I see a keyboard, but I don’t know what to do. Do we just enter letters at random?



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Hi Steve,


Here you go, enjoy!


Accessible Wordle (


Take care and stay safe!




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Hi All,


Where can I find the Chrome extension to assist jaws users when playing Wordle? Thanks in advance!


Thank You,

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