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Curtis Chong

I can report that this is not happening on my system. I did not reinstall Chrome, however, but I did ensure Chrome was at the most current version.

On Mar 14, 2022, at 11:49 AM, kevin meyers <kman2020@...> wrote:


I’m using the most recent versions of Windows10, Jaws2022 and a few days ago I uninstalled Google Chrome and reinstalled.

Since the last update to Jaws2022 I have encountered a problem when using Google Chrome. When I open Chrome the cursor is on the address/search bar. When I read the line before typing in anything wit will “address and search bar a”. Why is the letter showing up? I have pressed delete and back space and it doesn’t go away. When I type in something to search or a url, it has no affect. Jaws must be picking up on some letter.

Then when I’m on a web page I will press control F to do the virtual find. There are times the letter F shows in the search box. I pressed delete and back space and the letter doesn’t go away. Then there are times I will type in some text and it will say 2 of 78. For what I’m searching on there is only 2 occurrences. The only way I can see what the cursor is on I have to press escape. There are times the virtual find works okay. I talked with FS and was told in order to see what the cursor hit on is to tab and it will tell me. Well I tabbed numerous times and it doesn’t tell me what the cursor is on. I also mentioned the character that shows up and was told I need to make sure I have the most recent version for Chrome, windows10 and all drivers. Well as I said before I got the most recent download a few days ago. Windows was updated last week. This problem has been going since the most recent to Jaws2022. Has anyone experienced this issue? What did you do to correct it?




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