moderated Re: Jaws2021 bookmark in google chrome

Howard Traxler

I think, after you press B for bookmarks, go down to the top of the list and you'll find maybe the fourth one down from there is the bookmark manager.  Press enter on that and you'll get a huge dialog that allows you to do lots of stuff with each bookmark.  This is in chrome.  I don't know about other browsers.


On 3/15/2022 6:59 AM, O.Addison Gethers wrote:

Hi All

I have jaws2021  and desktop and laptop computer Windows10  ,Can anyone  tell me how do I delete a file on website  that I have in bookmark in chrome ? When I opened bookmark by press alt + f then press letter b for bookmark  then I press letter g til I hear the name of website  that I want to delete  but when I press delete key it won’t delete at all

I hope someone will have an answer for me.


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