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Udo Egner-Walter

Hi Juan, 

You wrote: 

I was trying to ask questions on the jaws scripting list but it seems like it is no longer active so I’d thought I’d ask here.

I don't know which scripting list you are talking about but if you mean the JAWSScripts list on this list is still active. You can find it here: 

I am working in eclipse software development environment to code java.  An issue I am having is that the autocompletion does not read in jaws.  In NVDA it reads fantastically, so I know that eclipse is exposing information when the auto complete is active. 

If you are speaking about issues you should always write down the version informations you are talking about because there might be differences between versions. 

I am wondering if anyone knows how I would go by writing a jaws script to make this read?  Any advise would be great, or are there any tools that show events as they are firing to show what is happening ?

The things you can do depend on the framework which is used in the eclipse application. If it's made with the old Win32 framework you can write an event trace script to find out which events are fired. If you found out the event script JAWS is firing you can overwrite this event function to you own needs. 

If the eclipse app uses the UIA framework you can register in a script to receive UIA events. There's an example at the end of the page of FS's UIA documentation page at: 

By the way if you hadn't downloaded the FSDN.chm documentation file you should do this to study all of the function available in JAWS scripting. You will find it here: 

Good luck

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