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tom x <ballistic719@...>

Hi Bill,

I loaded the softonic web site into Edge, opened the menu with alt F but was unable to find any mention of cookies and site permissions under any of the headings in the menu.

What am I doing wrong?



On 15/03/2022 4:41 pm, Bill White wrote:
Hi, Tom. Open Microsoft Edge. Go to the website. Then Open Microsoft Edge Settings, and under Cookies and Site Permissions, block notifications from the website. Do the same for any other websites that pop up with unwanted notifications.

Bill White


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Sent: Monday, March 14, 2022 11:26 PM
Subject: annoying scam messages

Using: up to date W10 Home, 64 bit and latest Jaws.

The following announcement, along with others, has been appearing a
couple of times a day for a little while and am wondering if anyone else
is also receiving these annoying messages. More importantly, what can
be done about them.

Action center
Notifications from Microsoft Edge group
Clear all notifications for Microsoft Edge Button
Your Norton has Expired Today?
Renew Now For 2021
3:46 PM •

Both Defender and Microsoft Malicious File Removal tool has been run but
found nothing.

As for Norton's, it has never been used on this system so obviously the
message is a scam.

Any ideas?




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