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Bill White

Hi, Paul. This is because your sound card is going to sleep after a few seconds to save power. There is a JAWS option which is supposed to correct this problem, but I haven't found it to be effective. Instead, install a program called Silenzio, which prevents the sound card from going to sleep after a few seconds, by continuously transmitting a silent signal to the sound card. I will post the link for this program below.


Bill White




From: [] On Behalf Of Paul Filpus
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2022 11:17 AM
Subject: Truncated speech from JAWS


Hello Listers,

I recently purchased a new Lenovo I5 PC with Windows 10. When I issue a JAWS command, after not having done so for a few seconds, the first syllable or character of the spoken response gets truncated. How can I correct this annoying condition?


Paul Filpus


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