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Kimber Gardner

Hi Curtis,

Here's the status of the boxes that tell jaws what to do on startup:

Start jaws at logon screen is unchecked.
Start jaws for all users is unchecked.

The combo box that tells jaws what to do for this user is confusing
me. When it is set to never, jaws doesn't start automatically. Which
is what I would expect. However, when set to always, jaws starts
automatically regardless of whether or not those first two boxes are
checked or unchecked.

Is that what you would expect to see? Because to me, the status of
that combo box seems to cancel out whatever has been indicated in
those first two boxes.

I'm sorry if this is confusing. But I feel like I'm getting closer to
figuring out what's happening.

As a side note, If I have jaws starting automatically and the options
have disappeared, if I unload jaws then reload by typing jaws2022 at
the run command, everything is fine and all menus and options are
present. So there is something happening in the startup process that
is corrupting jaws. Very weird.


On 3/11/22, Curtis Chong <chong.curtis@...> wrote:
Hello Kim:

When checking the JAWS automatic startup settings, be sure to examine the
combo box which says what should happen "for this user".



Curtis Chong

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Hi Curtis,

Jaws does appear in the startup group.

I don't know what you mean by, "Try invoking shell:startup with the
run command to see if there is a JAWS shortcut in that folder."

On 3/11/22, Curtis Chong <chong.curtis@...> wrote:
Good morning:

Try invoking shell:startup with the run command to see if there is a JAWS
shortcut in that folder. Another thing to check is your Task manager. see
JAWS is somewhere shown in the Startup tab.


Curtis Chong

On Mar 11, 2022, at 8:37 AM, Kimber Gardner <kimbersinbox1963@...>

´╗┐Hi all,

I wrote in a couple of weeks ago regarding a problem I've had with
jaws 2022 in which all the options in the jaws window are disappearing
when I restart my laptop. I now have a few more observations and
perhaps have detected a pattern.

Just to recap briefly. When I install jaws 2022 the install seems to
be successful. But when I restart my laptop (Lenovo model E580 running
windows 10 latest build), all the options in my jaws window disappear.
The only options remaining are exit and about jaws.

Now here's the interesting part. If I do not start jaws automatically
but rather run jaws after the laptop has fully booted up, the options
are there. If I have jaws start automatically the options are gone.

Another strange issue is that jaws will start automatically even if I
uncheck the box that says start jaws automatically. The only way I
have found to start jaws and have the options present is to press the
windows key +R and type jaws2022. This leads me to believe that there
is something in the startup process that is dinging jaws.

I've spoken to FS tech support repeatedly about this problem with no joy.

Here's my next question. How can I see what's going on during startup
to try and determine where the problem is occurring? Is this even the
best next step?

Thanks for reading. All suggestions will be gratefully considered.





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