moderated Re: Leasey 7 from Hartgen

Mike Pietruk


What I eventually did, after a couple of hours of playing around, is
switched to the Total package which, of course, gave me what I had
anticipated would be the display in Advanced.
You explained why Advanced 6 worked for me and why 7 didn't.
I'm sticking with Total which is probably the best way to go for most
users except very experienced ones.
Incidentally, the Manager feature in V7 Total now allows one to redefine
the use of the ScrollLock, Print Page, and Pause keys which should prove
beneficial for many users as some keyboards don't offer all of those keys.

So, now I understand why 6 Advanced worked for me and why 7 Advanced
All is well now with V7 Total Leasey on my system running in JFW2021 and
the regular JFW in JFW2022.

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