moderated Re: More on my ongoing problem with jaws 2022


Hi, Kimber,

are you using "Fast start-up" or does your system actually shut down properly?

I'm asking this since a lot of errors and weird behaviour can happen if you're using fast start-up.

To get rid of this, in case that's what's really going on, do the following:

1 Open the Control Panel with Windows+i and go to "Power Options".

2 Select the "Choose what the power buttons do"

3 Select "Change settings that are currently unavailable"

4 If prompted by UAC, press ALT+y for Yes.


5. To Turn Off Fast Startup

Under Shutdown settings, uncheck the "Turn on fast startup box", then select the "Save changes button"

6 You can now close the System Settings window if you like.

If the Turn on fast startup setting is not listed, then you will need to close the System Settings window, enable hibernate, then start over at step 1 again.

Good luck,


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