Moderated Re: Jaws not reading text as I type in edit fields in Edge


On Fri, Mar 4, 2022 at 10:50 AM, Van Lant, Robin wrote:
It can still be a guessing game, and if it’s a really long sentence I’m editing, I might just copy and paste into notepad to edit.
And let me tell you, blind or sighted, this is an excellent idea for a lot of reasons.

I have learned, the hard way, that you can easily lose everything you've been typing, particularly in webpages, if certain confluences of events occur.  While I wouldn't call these common, they're common enough to give consideration to "in the back of your head" when you find you need to put lengthy text content into an edit box somewhere.

I've even lost messages for groups such as this one that I've been carefully composing over a long period of time when things like my own stupidity in accidentally closing my browser have occurred or other things like a sudden power outage and others.

Composing this sort of stuff in MS-Word or Notepad, then cutting and pasting it in afterward, has saved me a lot of heartache on occasion.  I tend to prefer MS-Word only because of it's auto-backup feature, as that's saved my work (and bacon) on several occasions when the untoward (like a power outage) has occurred.

Often, it really depends on what risks you're willing to shoulder and what pain you're willing to endure if "the unfortunate" occurs.

But when it comes to lengthy text input, I favor doing the composition and editing in a dedicated program and then cutting/copying and pasting it into a web form field afterward.

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