On Thu, Mar 3, 2022 at 07:57 AM, John J. Fioravanti, Jr. wrote:
In some of my folders, I want the individual files to appear by date, newest on top. Can someone tell me how I do this?
Changing Your Folder View in File Explorer Using a Screen Reader

If you are not using Details View, go through step 1 and its sub-steps to enable that View.  Afterward, hit ALT + V, O [View Ribbon, Sort].  In the top section of the sort dropdown will be the list of all the columns on display.  In your case, you will want to select Date Modified in that list. This will determing what's being used to sort on, and the menu will close, so just hit ALT + V, O to open it again to continue. Beneath the list of columns are two items, Ascending and Descending, only one of which can be checked.  If you want Newest first/at the top, choose Descending.

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