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Larry Wayland

You have to uninstall them. However, it doesn't really hurt to leave them on
your computer. If you leave them on the computer they do use up hard drive
space. I Usually leave two or three old copies on my hard drive. Don't
really know why.

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Subject: question about updating Jaws

Hi all,
Once you update to a new version of Jaws do all previous versions that are
installed on your computer get removed automatically or do you have to
uninstall them yourself? I ask because I'm updated my old laptop to Windows
10 and even though I use Jaws 2021 on that computer I saw that there was
Jaws 2013, 2015 and
2018 still installed and I uninstalled them I'm wondering if I should check
this laptop for any old versions that might still be on it.. Hope someone
can help me as I'd really like to know.

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