Re: Omission in FS Reader?

Gary King

I normally don't post a suggestion unless I have tested it first. I dislike reading messages that say something like, " I think this will work." Since I don't have a document for testing though, I will just say try JAWS Key F7. It works for links in MS Word just like it does in Internet browsers, so maybe it will work in FS Reader as well.

Gary King

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Subject: Omission in FS Reader?

Before I turn something into a support ticket that oughtn't be, can
someone please tell me, is there a key you can press within FSReader
that will launch a URL embedded in the documentation? I was just going
through some FS training material using FSReader yesterday and found a
couple links I wanted to activate. I thought it would be a simple
thing, possibly as simple as just pressing ENTER when JAWS told me I
was positioned on the link. After all, it did say "link" when it found
one, so I thought it was reasonable to assume ... Well, you know what
happens when you do that, right? I pressed ENTER and got a beep! I
then tried right-clicking on the link, thinking maybe there was a
drop-down context menu, maybe activate, copy to clipboard, create
shortcut maybe even, ... none of it! My last resort, of course, was to
just plain left-click on the thing, and that launched it.

I then went back to read the "Getting Started with FSReader," thinking
I'd missed something about activating embedded links, but I sure
didn't find anything in there about it.

Is this a bug or a feature?

Thanks in advance!

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