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Dave Mitchell

  Hi Mario,  As you know, he had control of my Windows 10 machine and I was just listening to his movements and they went by pretty fast.  I think once he was in the settings for screen saver, he set the choices to  “none” in maybe 5 to 7 fields.  Sorry I can’t be more specific and it is a mystery how any of these settings got changed in the first place but that’s life with a computer I guess.  Happy Monday,  Mitch


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From: Mario
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Subject: Re: Locked Screen problem remains


Dave, could you share which settings?


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Subject: Locked Screen problem remains

Date: Monday, February 21, 2022, 11:07 AM

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    Thanks Curtis,  I took your suggestion and called them.  This was my

first experience using their service and it was positive.  In my case

the problem was resolved by addressing certain settings in the screen

saver field of choices.  Best Wishes, Mitch


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Now is the time to contact Microsoft<smile>. 800-936-5900.




Curtis Chong


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*Subject:* Locked Screen problem remains


Hi,  After implementing all of the helpful suggestions from the list, I

am still being prompted to enter my password every minute if the

computer has been inactive.


Short of removing the password altogether, are there other suggestions I

should implement?  Thanks and sorry to repost.  Mitch


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