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Barbara Sheinbein

Hi George,


That worked!


Big smile.





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Subject: Re: Team Viewer User Name and Password



After arrowing down to the password section, use the insert and the space keys and then use the H key.  You can then go right arrow by each letter to speak your password.  Hope that this helps. 



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Subject: Team Viewer User Name and Password


Hi Everyone,


In recent times, I am running into a problem using Team Viewer.  I want to give a sighted person my username and password to assist me with a task on my windows 10 computer.    I can tab to the field with the username and password to give to the other person.  In the past, I could either use the JAWS cursor to read the information character by character or my braille display.  I have the latest JAWS.  Now I just hear blank when using the JAWS cursor and nothing shows up on my braille display except the name of the field.  I can hear it spoken with the PC cursor.  That can work out OK for the user ID, but the password with its letter/number combination, I need to be able to read by character.  Any ideas on how to resolve this?


I have the latest team viewer installed.


BTW to get around this as a temporary fix, I used facetime so the other person could see my monitor and read the password.


Thanks in advance for any help.





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