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I've never been able to activate links from within FS Reader either. Since
FS stopped developing it a while back, I figured it was just one of those
things that never got around to being addressed.

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Before I turn something into a support ticket that oughtn't be, can someone
please tell me, is there a key you can press within FSReader that will
launch a URL embedded in the documentation? I was just going through some FS
training material using FSReader yesterday and found a couple links I wanted
to activate. I thought it would be a simple thing, possibly as simple as
just pressing ENTER when JAWS told me I was positioned on the link. After
all, it did say "link" when it found one, so I thought it was reasonable to
assume ... Well, you know what happens when you do that, right? I pressed
ENTER and got a beep! I then tried right-clicking on the link, thinking
maybe there was a drop-down context menu, maybe activate, copy to clipboard,
create shortcut maybe even, ... none of it! My last resort, of course, was
to just plain left-click on the thing, and that launched it.

I then went back to read the "Getting Started with FSReader," thinking I'd
missed something about activating embedded links, but I sure didn't find
anything in there about it.

Is this a bug or a feature?

Thanks in advance!

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