moderated question about importing contacts in to Outlook

Madison Martin

Hi all,
Can anyone tell me how to import gmail contacts in to my account? I
know how to import the PST files, but when I did this it still says that my
contacts are from my gmail account and whenever I delete a contact it goes into
the deleted items folder in my gmail account and not the one in my
account. I have both accounts added to Outlook so not sure why this happened. It
wouldn't be a huge deal but the other day I changed the default account that
opens whenever I open Outlook and as part of that process I had to change the
default data file and then later on when I went to go delete a couple of
contacts none of my contacts were there. My gmail account used to be the default
account that opened whenever I opened Outlook so since I changed that I assume
that's why my contacts no longer show up. Using latest versions of Jaws, Office
365 and Windows 11; really hope someone can help me as I really want to have
this account be the one that opens whenever I open Outlook but I also want to
get all of my contacts back (I have over 500).

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