Re: Is Research It really necessary?

Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

Listening is an acquired skill,, and, maybe, something of an aptitude as
well. Musicians (not just blind musicians) train themselves to hear,
and react to, nuance and subtle change. I can name a bunch of them,
both known and unknown, who became successful amateur radio operators, a
process which, until recently, involved the acquisition of at least
basic code skills. While I know other blind musicians, and other blind
hams,, and some musicians who are also hams, I have never seen evidence
that our percentages in these two groups exceed those of the general


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As a sighted technician, I frequently find accessibility product
functions baffling. It is a simple matter of experience and habit. If I
was paid to learn access functions (beyond very basic stuff), I would.
Otherwise there is no incentive. I don't have much patience for stuff I
don't have to use.

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Comparing a sighted person's untrained capability / ability to do
anything with their ears would be like asking a 15-year-old to race
NASCAR! Of course they would fail miserably! We don't have what we have
because of biology; we have it because we've trained ourselves, been
coached by others, developed skills sighted people don't need (but, of
course, should have).

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