Windows 8, Cloud Computing, Karen -- Your Alternative Solution

Adrian Spratt

I agree, there's no reason to cast doubt on the need for JAWS to keep up
with developments in MS's Windows operating systems. However, law firms are
turning increasingly to cloud-based applications, where I, too, have
misgivings. Fortunately, Windows 8 is being touted as the first MS OS to
apply across platforms, and not just PCs. I know it is designed to work with
mobile phones, and I assume that means it will also handle cloud computing.
Despite the criticisms lobbed at FS and MS, many justified, they have
demonstrated their willingness to work together to make many MS applications
accessible. Considering Google's poor record with accessibility of its cloud
applications, this development with MS's Windows 8 is a reason to hope we
will gain greater access to the cloud.

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I remember them saying the same about XP and Vista, and we all see where
that went.

At least in the US there are also serious legal reasons to maintain physical
control over your storage media. And I don't see the courts willing to make
a change on that front any time soon.

On 4/26/12, <> wrote: There are
serious voices in the tech industry that are predicting Microsoft's demise.
The analysis has shifted in the last year or so. Windows8 is so f*d up that
people are starting to wonder how long it will be before some "disruptive"
technology like cloud computing will cause Microsoft's dominance of client
computing (as a development platform) to end.

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Bottom line: You pays yer money, you takes yer chances. No guarantees.

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this is a good point. it is buyer beware. how can we prevent this from
happening. there must be a way to protect ourselves. karen

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You wanna talk about spending money on upgrades and seemingly not getting
what I thought I'd paid for? Let's go back to Office 97, shall we? In fact,
let's go back to Windows XP and the egregious upgrade path that finally led
us to Windows 7, after a trip through Vista Hell. Let's talk about an
upgrade fee, not a new product purchase fee, but an upgrade fee which was
five times the original cost of the product when I bought it when I wanted
to upgrade my FTP server to a version I found out to be totally and
completely inaccessible? JAWS is not the only thing in the world where you
pays yer money and you takes yer chances.

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