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David Diamond

True, the broad query is like asking a sighted person where something is and they say, “That way, as apposed to on your right or left.” 


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David, et. al.,

If ever there were a situation where "practice makes perfect" (or at least much closer to it) it's learning how to craft a precision search (which I don't discuss, these tutorials are about the mechanics of dealing with the way the web pages are laid out).

There's a ton of trial and error involved in learning how to craft a precision search, but there's no getting around that, either.  Most people err at "the extremes" of creating a search, either using too few search terms or ones that are too broad, or using so many that virtually nothing will match as a result.

As an example of "too broad," doing an archive search on the words [JAWS Excel] .  There's just so much material out there about JAWS and Excel that plowing through results from that is a horrible chore that will never be completed.  Contrast that with doing an archive search on [JAWS Excel 2016 formula].  The first returns page after page after page of results, and that's when you collapse to topics rather than individual messages.  The second, less than 15 results when collapsed as topics and barely more than that as individual messages.

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