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There are serious voices in the tech industry that are predicting Microsoft's demise. The analysis has shifted in the last year or so. Windows8 is so f*d up that people are starting to wonder how long it will be before some "disruptive" technology like cloud computing will cause Microsoft's dominance of client computing (as a development platform) to end.

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Bottom line: You pays yer money, you takes yer chances.
No guarantees.

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this is a good point. it is buyer beware. how can we prevent this from
happening. there must be a way to protect ourselves. karen

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You wanna talk about spending money on upgrades and seemingly not
getting what I thought I'd paid for? Let's go back to Office 97, shall
we? In fact, let's go back to Windows XP and the egregious upgrade
path that finally led us to Windows 7, after a trip through Vista
Hell. Let's talk about an upgrade fee, not a new product purchase fee,
but an upgrade fee which was five times the original cost of the
product when I bought it when I wanted to upgrade my FTP server to a
version I found out to be totally and completely inaccessible? JAWS is
not the only thing in the world where you pays yer money and you takes
yer chances.

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