Moderated Partial Freeze with Braille Display when Working with JFW and DBT

Dani Pagador

Hi, Guys.
Using JFW2021, DBT12.5 SR3, Win10, and a BrailleEdge. I'm using the
BrailleEdge in Bluetooth mode.

When I exit Terminal mode to do something on the BrailleEdge side and
come back in to start working on the PC side again, JFW still talks,
but I can't use the up/down arrows or cursor cross keys to navigate
the Duxbury document with the BrailleEdge. I have to unload and reload
JFW to get movement with the BrailleEdge back.

I haven't noticed this behavior with any other applications.

Any ideas for fixing/working around would be appreciated.


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