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Steve Matzura

Bottom line: You pays yer money, you takes yer chances.
No guarantees.

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this is a good point. it is buyer beware. how can we prevent this from
happening. there must be a way to protect ourselves. karen

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You wanna talk about spending money on upgrades and seemingly not
getting what I thought I'd paid for? Let's go back to Office 97, shall
we? In fact, let's go back to Windows XP and the egregious upgrade
path that finally led us to Windows 7, after a trip through Vista
Hell. Let's talk about an upgrade fee, not a new product purchase fee,
but an upgrade fee which was five times the original cost of the
product when I bought it when I wanted to upgrade my FTP server to a
version I found out to be totally and completely inaccessible? JAWS is
not the only thing in the world where you pays yer money and you takes
yer chances.

Bash responsibly.

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Dave Johnston, I did not do research on comparison on programs because I
didn't know it was expected of me. nor do I think it is my job. if anyone
wants to know the difference between programs they have computers and they
can check it out themselves. there have been several emails by different
folks complaining about problems with the jaws upgrades. I think it is sad
that blind people have spent their money on these upgrades for jaws and
disappointed with bad upgrades. in my mind if you purchase an upgrade it
should work and be an improved version. it should not be with problems and
be of lesser quality. it has just left me to scratch my head and wonder
is stirring the ship. it is a free country and we are left to check out
competition as to what else is out there good luck with your research,

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You've been a staunch advocate of not updating JAWS and seeking out the
alternatives that are available at no cost, such as NVDA.

After your recent suggestion, I've asked politely if you would highlight
the comparisons between JAWS and NVDA (we know about the price
and give us some perspective, from your experience, as to why it would
make sense to not continue to purchase JAWS upgrades.

Looking back at past messages, I've noticed that you occasionally post
a sort of "shoot and run" to suggest your opinions on no-cost or
alternatives to JAWS and FS, but I have failed to see any substantive
information to support your point of view in follow-up messages.

So I throw down the gauntlet, so to speak and ask for you to give us
something to "chew on" with regard using NVDA in lieu of JAWS in the
Enterprise environment.

I am sincerely interested. Thanks!

Dave Carlson
Tastefully composed and launched near the Pacific Ocean using a Dell
Latitude E6520, JAWS 13.0.718, and Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

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