moderated Re: script Error msg in JFW2022


it sounds like Homer.jsb has to do with scripts that Jamal Mazuri wrote for enhancements for the default scripts, or something like that.

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Subject: script Error msg in JFW2022
Date: Tuesday, February 8, 2022, 7:59 PM
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Hi, Mike. There is no "Homer.JSB" script file in my JAWS installation. This
is either for an application you have installed, or it is a script which an
application you have installed is expecting to find, and is not finding.

Bill White


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Subject: script Error msg in JFW2022

Suddenly, JAWS2022 is giving me this error msg.

Does it mean anything; or should it just be ignored.
I am wondering if this is a compatibility issue or a corrupted script. If
the latter, how do I repair it?

here's the error msg:

Script Load Error r

Error: The file C:\ProgramData\Freedom
Scientific\JAWS\2022\Scripts\enu\Homer.JSB  could not be


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