moderated Re: confusion on battary anouncements.

Shankar.C <shankar.c@...>

Bill, thanks for the brief explanation.

After posting here, went through few articles and got more clarity on the confusion.




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Sent: 06 February 2022 20:46
Subject: Re: confusion on battary anouncements.


Hi, Shankar. This is probably close to the true time left on the battery. This must take into account the fact that speech is running, how hard the processor is working, screen brightness, whether fans are running at the time, is music playing. If you stop using speech, if you unload some apps, etc. will change the available time on the laptop.


Bill White




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Sent: Saturday, February 5, 2022 11:00 PM
Subject: confusion on battary anouncements.


Dear experts, greetings.

Around 4 days back, have purchased the del 5410 laptop which is running on windows 10 with jaws 2022.

after full charge, when I press insert shift b, jaws says

Battery 100  percent, Time remaining: 1 hours and 55 minutes remaining.
My home internet access.

now the confusion is does screen reader is announcing the remaining time wrongly or that is the actual remaining time.


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