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Curtis Chong


It is an unfortunate problem. I believe the move to Windows 11 is the reason
for your problem. The fix may take a while.


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I did, although JAWS2022 was running smoothly with Eudora in windows 10.
At 12:22 PM 2/6/2022, you wrote:
Did you try exporting the settings from the older jaws and importing
the settings to the newer one?
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After installing windows 11 on my computer, JAWS 2022with Eudora no
longer reliably reads status graphics--unread, sent, etc. turning
graphics to all, I see different graphic numbers for unread
messages, where in windows 10 graphic 621 consistently indicated
unread. When I open an unread graphic, the status graphic number
does not change to indicate the item was read. this happened in an
earlier version of JAWS and was corrected in a subsequent
version. since JAWS no longer supports Eudora,I will just hope the
correction happens with a new JAWS. I have graphics set to
labeled, but I haven't labeled any because they are
inconsistent--graphic 676 preceeds 'read' and 'unread', for example.
Additionally, after accessing the internet, the message list in
Eudora often reads "no selected item", and the only way I can fix
that is to reboot the computer ... or of course use NVDA, which
reads the message list correctly.

Further testing shows JAWS2021 reading Eudora much better.

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