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Randy Meyer


Thank you for confirming what I was thinking. I think I was fortunate that I found something to click that actually brought up the webinar. With GoToMeeting, I always phone in and at least can participate.

I will give the iPhone app a try.

Thank you for sharing.

Randy Meyer

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In my experience, what pops up in the Windows version is a window that JAWS sees as being completely empty unless one subjects the window to JAWS Convenient OCR. It works a tiny bit better on an iPhone, but there is no way to find the Raise Hand button.

Of the three platforms I have worked with: Zoom, Webex, and GoToWebinar, this last is by far the worst with little hope of redemption at this point.


Curtis Chong

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Subject: GoToWebinar Access

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for accessing GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting with Jaws?

I was able to get into a GoToWebinar today by using the Jaws cursor and clicking a random unlabeled button. Hopefully, there is a better way.

Randy Meyer

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