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musiime ralph

thanks Chong,

it's actually jaws 20. while navigating, Jaws reads the list like any
ordinary text as opposed to saying "list item, 1,2,3... or bullet
styles." The jaws user may not realize it's a list item if he or she
is not keen enough.

On 01/02/2022, Curtis Chong <chong.curtis@...> wrote:

I am still trying to better understand your problem. Is it that you hear
nothing at all when navigating over bulleted lists or that you don't here
the bullets spoken or what? I just need some clarification.


Curtis Chong

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I don’t know why my jaws doesn’t read numbered or bulleted lists while
navigating. All it reads are the words skipping the numbered or bulleted
lists. How can I tell jaws to read my numbered and bulleted lists.

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