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Udo Egner-Walter

Hi Mario,

you wrote:

It was Mike B who asked for detailed steps.
Oh sorry.

if you don't mind, I'll write you off list about a script I need some help with when I have enough time.
No problem, write if you have the time, I'll wait.


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Subject: get current rate of speech?
Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2022, 8:40 AM
Hi all,

Great that the script works for you 👍

There are two possible ways of installing the script. The first one is
using the MyExtensions.jss file which I will describe below. The second
one is adding the script to the default.jss. But if you do the
default-script install you have to be very careful because writing a
wrong string in the script file makes JAWS unusable at the moment (till
you undo this change which is not easy because you need another screen
reader to do so).

So I decided to write the first method.

At first: I have no English Version of JAWS and so some names might
differ slightly.

1. Press JAWS+J to bring JAWS window to the front or to open the JAWS
context menu
2. Select menu "Utilities"
3. Select menu item "Explore Utilities Folder". An Explorer window will
4. Select "Explore My Scripts" and your script folder will be opened in
an Explorer window
5. Search for "MyExtensions.jss" and press Ctrl+C to copy the file into
the clipboard
6. Press Alt+Tab key to return to the Explorer window
7. Search for "Explore My Settings" and your settings folder will be
opended in an Explorer window
8. Press Ctrl+V to insert "MyExtensions.jss" from clipboard but only if
it doesn't exist. If the file exist you can go on with this file.
9. Press JAWS+F2 to open JAWS Manager window
10. Select "Script Manager" and open it by pressing enter key
11. Press Ctrl+O to open the file-open dialog
12. Search in the file list box for "MyExtensions.jss" and open it
13. Go to the end of the file and insert the script
14. Place the cursor in the first line of the script
15. Press Ctrl+D to open settings dialog
16. Tab to the edit box for making a shortcut and make one
17. Leave and save the Settings dialog
18. Press Ctrl+S to save the script and compile it
19. Close Script Manager
20. Open "MyExtensions.jkm" with Microsoft Notepad
21. The second line in the file should contain the new shortcut and the
script assigned
22. Copy this line to clipboard by selecting the whole line and pressing
23. Close this file by pressing Alt+F4
24. Search for "Default.jkm" and open it with Microsoft Notepad. If this
file down't exists change some shortcuts (I don't know the name of the
app to change shortcuts but you can find it in JAWS-Manager by pressing
JAWS+F2). Press Ctrl+Shift+D to open default file. If you change or add
a keystroke to a script the file Default.jkm will be created.
25. In Default.jkm Search for the line "[Common Keys]". It this line
don't exists create a new line and write it down
26. Make a new line beneath the "[Common Keys]" section
27. Insert the shortcut copied from "MyExtensions.jkm" by pressing
Ctrl+V. Make sure that the shortcut only exists once in this file (the
shortcut is the text before the "=" sign.
28. Save the file by pressing Ctrl+S, close it and try out

Please let m know if you have problems or questions.

Good luck

Am 26.01.2022 um 14:26 schrieb Mark <mweiler@...

Udo, I've added the script and it works. Thank you. I don't feel
confident explaining how I installed it for Mike though.

I tweaked it a bit to help my learning and put it below. I don't
want to overwhelm group those in the group who don't find computer
code interesting, however, I find code can prompt me to ask questions
that helps my learning, so I'll add it below. Here's the speech
history it makes when I invoke the script. I'm puzzled why all the
voice rates are the same, except Say All. While I can guess what PC
Cursor and JAWS Cursor are, I pause with the others. I also don't
know what VCTX stands for. Maybe voice text?

Global is 105.
Message is 105.
Keyboard is 105.
PC Cursor is 105.
JAWS Cursor is 105.
Say All is 0.
Menu And Dialog is 105.

Script SpeakVoiceRate()
int iGlobal = GetVoiceRate (VCTX_GLOBAL),
int iMessage = GetVoiceRate (VCTX_MESSAGE),
int iKeyboard = GetVoiceRate (VCTX_KEYBOARD),
int iPCCursor = GetVoiceRate (VCTX_PCCursor),
int iJAWSCursor = GetVoiceRate (VCTX_JAWSCursor),
int iSayAll = GetVoiceRate(VCTX_SAY_ALL),
int iMenuAndDialog = GetVoiceRate(VCTX_MENU_AND_DIALOG)
SayString ("Global is " + IntToString(iGlobal) + ".")
SayString ("Message is " + IntToString(iMessage) + ".")
SayString ("Keyboard is " + IntToString(iKeyboard) + ".")
SayString ("PC Cursor is " + IntToString(iPCCursor) + ".")
SayString ("JAWS Cursor is " + IntToString(iJAWSCursor) + ".")
SayString ("Say All is " + IntToString(iSayAll) + ".")
SayString ("Menu And Dialog is " + IntToString(iMenuAndDialog) + ".")

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