moderated Re: get current rate of speech?


Udo, I've added the script and it works. Thank you. I don't feel confident explaining how I installed it for Mike though.

I tweaked it a bit to help my learning and put it below.   I don't want to overwhelm group those in the group who don't find computer code interesting, however, I find code can prompt me to ask questions that helps my learning, so I'll add it below.  Here's the speech history it makes when I invoke the script. I'm puzzled why all the voice rates are the same, except Say All.   While I can guess what PC Cursor and JAWS Cursor are,  I pause with the others. I also don't know what VCTX stands for. Maybe voice text?

Global is 105.
Message is 105.
Keyboard is 105.
PC Cursor is 105.
JAWS Cursor is 105.
Say All is 0.
Menu And Dialog is 105.

Script SpeakVoiceRate()
int iGlobal = GetVoiceRate (VCTX_GLOBAL),
int iMessage = GetVoiceRate (VCTX_MESSAGE),
int iKeyboard = GetVoiceRate (VCTX_KEYBOARD),
int iPCCursor = GetVoiceRate (VCTX_PCCursor),
int iJAWSCursor = GetVoiceRate (VCTX_JAWSCursor),
int iSayAll = GetVoiceRate(VCTX_SAY_ALL),
int iMenuAndDialog = GetVoiceRate(VCTX_MENU_AND_DIALOG)
SayString ("Global is " + IntToString(iGlobal) + ".")
SayString ("Message is " + IntToString(iMessage) + ".")
SayString ("Keyboard is " + IntToString(iKeyboard) + ".")
SayString ("PC Cursor is " + IntToString(iPCCursor) + ".")
SayString ("JAWS Cursor is " + IntToString(iJAWSCursor) + ".")
SayString ("Say All is " + IntToString(iSayAll) + ".")
SayString ("Menu And Dialog is " + IntToString(iMenuAndDialog) + ".")

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