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Mike B.

Hi Udo,
Would you please give detailed steps for installing this script?  It would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks much.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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Subject: Re: get current rate of speech?

Hi Mark, 

like Bill said: there's no such key but you can write your own script to get informed about the voice rate of the synthesizer in use. 

<Code start>

Script SpeakVoiceRate ()

SayInteger (GetVoiceRate (VCTX_GLOBAL))


<Code end>

The parameter in the GetVoiceRate () function is the cursor you want to get informed about. The constants are listed in the HJConst.jsh: 

VCTX_GLOBAL = "Global"
VCTX_MESSAGE = "Message"
VCTX_KEYBOARD = "Keyboard"

If you need more information about installing a script, let me know


Am 25.01.2022 um 06:24 schrieb Mark <mweiler@...>:

This seems like an question that would get asked a lot, but I haven't been able to find an answer. Is there a shortcut command to get your current rate of speech?  

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