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Ashleigh Piccinino

What version of jaws do you have currently? If it is jaws 2022, do the following. Please locate your file in file explorer. Do not open the file but press jaws key plus space and if. This will allow you to OCR the file, of course, after pressing oh. So, that's jaws key plus space and oh to get to OCR. Then press F. for file. After all of your OCR results have been downloaded. Go to the bottom of that link and click on convert to word. You should be set. I hope this helps.

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This appears to be a bug in Acrobat Reader DC. I tried doing this with NVDA. Same result. No movement to the page specified.




Curtis Chong


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Subject: Re: unable to get JAWS to read a different page than the one I'm on


I’m wondering if you change the View to single page under the view menu would that make a difference?


Another way and I don’t know if it will place you on the specific page you want in the pdf is to use the JAWS Layered Command, Insert + Spacebar + O + D and at the end of the conversion save it to Word.


This is just a suggestion.



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Subject: unable to get JAWS to read a different page than the one I'm on




There's probably an obvious solution to this, but I'm not finding it!


Here's an example:

I'm on page 1 of a pdf.

I use CTRL+Shift+N to go to another page, for example, page 40. 

The popup appears and I enter page 40 in it.

When I click Okay, I am taken to page 40.

However, when I hit INSERT+Down Arrow or the Down Arrow on page 40, 

JAWS jumps back to page 1 and reads that instead.


This is happening in all pdf's and the page numbers above are an example. If I started on page 40 and wanted to go to page 80, JAWS would return to page 40.


How do I get JAWS to read the page I want?



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Laura Roberts

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