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Yes, the JFW. 2022 In Windows 11, it is operating better than the NVDA.
This has not happened a long time ...
Finally the Freedom releases a good version of JFW. The JFW. 2022 This faster and smooth in W11, the NVDA is very slow and with several freezing issues.

It's also very good on W10.
Great work  in JFW 2022.
Recommend to all JFW 2022 in W11.

Às 22:00 de 20/01/2022, Milton Ota escreveu:

It is very compatibal.


I suggest that you and your friend visit and take in the lessons by former employee Dan Clark who has put together some very good material on Windows 11 using the latest version of JAWS. The URL Is:




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Good afternoon all,


I’m purchasing a new laptop for a friend who has limited computer  knowledge and I need to know if the latest version of Jaws and windows 11 are 100% compatible? If they’re not, how steep is the learning curve?


Thank you,

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